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Credit Card LawsuitCredit Card Companies Are Not Your Friend!

You have been sued by a credit card or finance company or other large entity. You are getting calls at home and/or at work every day, sometimes half a dozen times each day.

You receive a collections lawsuit that is clearly bogus. Perhaps the statute of limitations has run out, or the lawsuit was filed in a distant state, or you have some other valid defense.

What Should You Do?

The account on which the original debt arose was subject to a written contract containing an “attorney fees” clause.

I will only charge you a very small upfront fee.

If we win the case, I file documents to collect a larger attorney fee from the bad guys.(This is, of course not a guarantee or prediction of your outcome). In that case, I will refund what you paid me and keep the difference.

At that point we will also talk over the possibility of suing the bad guys for FDCPA violations or malicious prosecution.

The reason this works is that big, dumb companies often make mistakes.

Frequently, consumers try to defend cases by acting as their own lawyer. There are a number of very, very good reasons not to do so. For example: the attorney fees clause in your contract says you will recover your attorney fees. No court in the country will award you attorney fees in pro per (when you are appearing representing yourself). Hiring me as your lawyer costs you very little, and increases the amount the bad guys have to pay, so why wouldn’t you bring in a big gun of your own?

Remember you have a very limited time to respond to any lawsuit in order to avoid a default judgment. Call me now for your free consultation. You will always talk directly to me, the attorney, and never to a secretary or paralegal.


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